Eight tips for the hot days

Sunny, dry, hot: in many places, temperatures will crack the 30-degree mark in the next few days. But the summer heat can not only bother people - what helps?

Finally real summer! But the heat also has its downsides and can damage people, animals, plants and equipment. Fortunately, you can take precautions. Eight tips to get through the hot days:

Thirsty plants

You should now water regularly in the garden or on the balcony. And best of all when it's a little cooler, i.e. early in the morning or in the evening. Reason: At lunchtime, the water evaporates faster than the plants can absorb, explains the Federal Environment Agency.

Danger when walking

Overheated asphalt can cause burn blisters or puffy skin in dogs. The seven-second rule shows when the asphalt is too hot: Dog owners place the back of their hand on the asphalt for seven seconds. If it is too hot for the hand, this also applies to the dog, according to the animal welfare organization Vier Pfoten. Therefore, put trips in cool mornings or evenings.

Ice cream for dogs

A kind of dog ice cream provides welcome refreshment: Mix quark with fruit and freeze it in a dog toy with a cavity, advises the Animal Welfare Association. Because the dog can only gradually lick the quark out of the so-called kong, the ice-cold refreshment is prevented from ending up as a lump of ice in the dog's stomach.

Wet wipes over the animal cage

This cools off birds and rodents. In the case of birds, a fine mist of water can also be sprayed into the cage with a spray bottle. However, care should be taken to ensure that the bird can decide for itself whether it wants to get wet or not, according to the Bund Deutscher Tierfreunde (BDT).

Air conditioning not too cold

If it's hot outside, the car shouldn't become a refrigerator. Otherwise the circulation could cause problems after getting out. The rule of thumb: no more than six degrees difference between the outside and inside temperature. The Auto Club Europa (ACE) advises this. Children and animals should never be left in the car parked in the sun. The interior can develop into a heat trap - danger to life is imminent.

Smartphones in your pocket

Extreme heat is a problem for modern devices and could permanently reduce the performance of the battery. If you are out and about, you should no longer expose your smartphone to direct sunlight and often put it in your pocket. A protective cover could cause heat to build up. At high temperatures it is better to take the device out of the case.

Open the window at night

Ventilation is always worthwhile on hot days when it is cooler outside than inside. Even in hot spells, it gets cool enough at night and in the early morning. Nevertheless, you shouldn't rely on your subjective impression, but rather check the outside and inside temperature with a thermometer, advises the consumer advice center Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

Sun protection

The skin needs a lot of protection when there is a lot of sun. That means: apply lotion. A six-foot-tall adult needs a little more than three tablespoons of sunscreen to properly apply cream to their entire body. That's a good 40 milliliters. Important: apply the protection even in the shade. In addition, cover your head and wear sunglasses.