Change in thyroid drug

The cover story of the Apotheken Umschau from May 1, 2019 deals with the thyroid gland. However, the following report on a thyroid drug became known after the editorial deadline

Doctors and pharmacists provide information on what changes for the individual as a result of the new composition of the drug

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Important news for patients with hypothyroidism: The manufacturer Merck intends to introduce its drug with the product name Euthyrox in a new, slightly modified composition between mid-April and early May.

The new product can be recognized by a changed packaging design. This does not change the active ingredient, but two auxiliary substances. This can sometimes be critical for the adjustment of the thyroid values ​​and lead to side effects.

The manufacturer and the drug authorities advise patients who take the preparation of the following:
• Patients should take the new preparation as before
• You should contact your doctor and consult about a close inspection
• Particularly in "sensitive" patients, the intake of the active substance can differ; This includes patients with thyroid cancer or cardiovascular diseases, pregnant women, children and the elderly
• Patients should not switch back to the old product if they have already taken the new tablets
• When you travel, you should make sure that you have enough of the new Euthyrox with you
• The pharmacies have patient information ready