Action shaving against viruses

More and more people wear FFP2 masks in public, in Bavaria they are even compulsory on buses, trains and in shops. It is all the more important that the masks lie flat so that they work optimally

You can also find our campaign on Instagram under # SHAVING AGAINST VIRUSES

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Occasion of the campaign #RASIEREN gegenVIREN

Our Wort & Bild-Verlag, which publishes the Apotheken Umschau, is located in Bavaria. There has recently been an obligation to wear FFP2 masks in public transport and in retail, in order to protect both yourself and your fellow human beings as best as possible.

In order for these masks to fit correctly, our male employees set a good example and with a heavy heart part with the head of hair on their cheeks and chin. Our before and after photos are designed to prove that there is life after you shave. And we want to encourage other men to take this step too, and to sacrifice their vanity for self-care. Strictly speaking, also the care for their relatives, because if you don't infect yourself, you won't carry the virus on!

Our brave now beardless employees

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By the way, we decided on the name "Shaving Against Viruses" because, in our opinion, it sounds nice and handy. He prevailed against clearcut, shaving instead of intubation, smooth against corona and ugly instead of indisposition - shaving against viruses is still the most positive and motivating, isn't it?

Why is it so important for beards to shave?

Theoretically, the FFP2 masks have a filter efficiency of 94%, so they do not allow most of the aerosols and pollutants to get into the wearer's airways. However, this specified filter performance only applies if they are really tight. Similar to water, air also takes the path of least resistance. Lots of small channels form between the whiskers through which the air can flow unfiltered. The same happens if the mask has a gap on the sides due to a poor fit. Then the air does not go through the fleece, but through the leak: The filter performance drops rapidly.

How can I participate?

Very simple: off with the beard (ideally with a wet shave), take a photo of it and publish it on social media. And of course don't forget the hashtag #RASIEREN gegenVIREN and tag / mark the pharmacy shop around! So others can find the great results too.