Anecdotes from rescued pharmacies

Pharmacy closings are not uncommon in Germany. We report on how local residents are fighting to keep them open. There are also more stories in the Apotheken Umschau magazine from October 15

Expert advice and meeting point: Especially in small communities, a local pharmacy can mean a great deal of quality of life

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1. Leutersdorf: Municipality buys pharmacy building

Necessity makes inventive - that was also the case in Leutersdorf in Saxony. When the pharmacy closed, Mayor Bruno Scholz went looking for a successor himself and only had a week to do it. Because the owner wanted to get rid of the building quickly. "I really had to come up with something," he says.

The local council finally decided unanimously to buy the building - in order to reduce the entrepreneurial risk for the successor. The plan worked: the siblings Stephan Hampel and Bettina Lindecke rented the pharmacy - of course at feasible conditions.

The Aesculap pharmacy was saved. "The residents are all incredibly grateful," says Scholz. A little chat, some good advice - for many this is an important part of the quality of life. "The pharmacy is a place to go - really great," he says.

2. Unsleben: Pharmacy moves into town hall

Mayor Michael Gottwald went one step further in the community of 950 people in Unsleben. He cleared his town hall for plasters and pills. When the new owner of the Kreuz pharmacy was unable to move into the traditional building immediately, she found temporary shelter there.

In short, Gottwald moved his own consultation hour to his home. Because one thing was important to him: That not only the village shop and the inn remain - but also the pharmacy.

3. Hohenlinden: last-minute successor

Actually, the end of the forest pharmacy in Hohenlinden, Bavaria was already sealed. Pharmacist Uwe Scheerschmidt wanted to close his pharmacy for health reasons. For two years he looked in vain for a successor. Then in 2016 he resigned his employees with a heavy heart and wanted to close the pharmacy.

But then things turned out differently, thank chance.He heard from a colleague about a young pharmacist from Augsburg who was looking for a country pharmacy. A few days later, Katharina Rorer came to take a look at the forest pharmacy.

She took a look at the place, the pharmacy, experienced the customers and shortly afterwards agreed. "From the stomach, there were only arguments for a pharmacy in the country," she said. Customers are still happy about the last-minute rescue. Katharina Rorer has not regretted her decision. "Everything was just right there."