Pharmacies: Comprehensive on-site service

A recent survey shows how much people trust local pharmacies during the crisis. The legislature is now expanding the pharmacy skills in order to secure supplies during the Corona crisis

Unsettled customers and safety margin. Delivery bottlenecks and courier services. Stricter hygiene measures and shift work: Germany's pharmacies are doing tremendous things in the Corona crisis and are rightly among the system-relevant facilities. A realization that, thanks to the crisis, has now also established itself in politics and the public: How much Germans trust their local pharmacy, especially in times of crisis, is shown by a representative online survey on behalf of Wort & Bild Verlag among 1075 participants between 16 and 75 years of age .

Top marks for the pharmacy

When it comes to service, reliability and advice, the pharmacies performed extremely well: 92 percent of those surveyed very much appreciate the fact that the drug experts are currently maintaining local health supplies. Among those who had visited a pharmacy in the past four weeks, the value was even 96 percent. 91 percent of those surveyed are happy to know that there is a pharmacy nearby that they can rely on. 89 percent are grateful to the pharmacy employees that they are ready to provide help and advice even in difficult times. And 86 percent are aware that the local pharmacy can be fully trusted.

Particularly gratifying: Despite the current crisis situation with sometimes massive delivery bottlenecks, 80 percent of those surveyed received all the medication they needed in the pharmacy. "The survey makes it clear that people are very aware of the services offered by the pharmacies," says publishing director Andreas Arntzen, commenting on the results. "They are an extremely important component of our health system and, to a certain extent, the backbone of local health care." What is taken for granted in everyday life for many often only develops its real relevance for society in times of crisis.