Challenge the world of work with Corona containment

For better containment of the coronavirus, Berlin mobility researchers are in favor of more infection protection in the world of work

"In our opinion, far too little is being done in the area of ​​work," said Kai Nagel, head of the Department of Traffic System Planning and Traffic Telematics at the TU Berlin, on Monday at the RBB broadcaster Radioeins. For multi-person offices, for example, it must apply that you can only sit there with a valid rapid test or after a corona vaccination - or everyone would have to wear an FFP2 mask.

Include all areas

In comparison, there are a relatively large number of measures for schools, said Nagel. "Maybe sometimes even a little more than you have to do." In a written statement, the group around the TU professor speaks out in favor of extensive containment of infections in all areas. This is "much more efficient" than completely suppressing infections in just some areas, for example through closings.

Avoid unprotected contacts indoors

According to the TU modeling, unprotected indoor contacts are a problem in the pandemic. In the debate about night curfews, the scientists therefore advised not to forbid spending time outdoors in public spaces alone or with a maximum of one other person - “to ensure acceptance of the regulation among the population”. The team recommends adopting the Berlin regulation, according to which no private meetings with people from other households are allowed between 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.

The intensive care units are facing high levels of stress

Based on their modeling, the TU researchers fear that the load on the intensive care units will turn out to be higher than at the beginning of January “with almost every calculated combination”. At that time, more than 5,700 Covid-19 patients were being treated there, a high. The scientists rate an almost complete ban on private visits as “very effective”. Only this measure significantly reduces the number of infections within three weeks.


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