This text provides information in simple language on the topic: Valerian.

What is valerian?

Valerian is a medicinal plant. Medicinal plants are special plants.

Medicinal plants have healing powers. Medicinal plants can help against various ailments.

Valerian comes in many different types. One of these types is called: real valerian. You can use the root of real valerian as medicine. The technical term for real valerian is: Valeriana officinalis.

There are essential oils in valerian.

Valerian comes in different forms. Possible forms are, for example:

  • tea
  • Tablets

How does valerian work?

Do you suffer from insomnia? Or do you often feel nervous and restless? Then maybe valerian can help you.

sleep disorders

Do you take valerian? Then maybe you can sleep better. Experiments show: The ingredients in valerian activate certain messenger substances in the brain. Messenger substances transmit information in the brain. Some messenger substances trigger tiredness. Valerian activates these messenger substances. This will help you fall asleep better. And you can sleep through better too.

Do you sleep badly? The video shows you: This is how you can sleep better.

Tips to help you fall asleep better and stay asleep:

Nervous restlessness

Studies show: Valerian soothes and works against anxiety. For example, do you suffer from fear of exams? Or are you often nervous and restless? Then valerian can help you.

Warning: Do you want to take medication or herbal remedies? Then always talk to a doctor first.

What should you watch out for when using valerian?

Valerian usually does not work immediately. Therefore, you will only notice the positive effect after about two weeks. That means: you have to take valerian every day for two weeks.

Take valerian about an hour before you go to sleep.

Note: do you take valerian? Then you usually don't feel tired during the day. Valerian is a herbal sleep aid.

There are also chemical sleeping pills. Chemical sleeping pills are often stronger. Chemical sleeping pills can also make you tired during the day.

What side effects can valerian have?

Valerian can have different side effects. You can find all known side effects on the package insert for your medication.

Note: This text only lists the most common side effects. The text is therefore not complete and does not replace the package insert or a visit to the doctor.

Possible side effects of valerian include:

  • nausea
  • Stomach cramps
  • sleepiness

Warning: do you take valerian to calm you down? Then do not drive a car immediately after taking it.

Warning: you want to take valerian? Then buy teas or tablets only in Germany. Some substances in valerian can cause cancer. These substances are banned in Germany. That is why you should only buy valerian in Germany.

Which interactions are possible?

Taking several active ingredients at the same time can have consequences. One also says: interactions. Do you take other medications besides valerian? Then ask your doctor about possible interactions. Interactions can be dangerous.

Are you already taking other sedatives or sleeping pills? Then you shouldn't take valerian as well. Do you take valerian? Then you shouldn't drink alcohol.

Your doctor may tell you to take another medication in addition. Only then should you take another medication in addition.

Would you like to take valerian? Then talk to your doctor. Your doctor will give you all the important information.

Note: Do you suffer from insomnia? Then you can take other medicinal plants at the same time. Some other medicinal plants have a similar effect to valerian. These include, for example:

  • Lemon balm
  • Passion flower
  • hop

Who is not allowed to take valerian?

Some people are not allowed to take valerian. These people include, for example:

  • pregnant women
  • breastfeeding women
  • Children under twelve years of age

Note: This text contains only general information. Would you like to take medication? Then always talk to your doctor or pharmacist beforehand. Read the leaflet that came with your medication. Only then should you take the drug.

Where can you get more information?

Would you like to read more about valerian? You can find more information about valerian here. Attention: This link leads out of our simple language offer. The information is then no longer in plain language.

Important: Would you like to take medicinal plants against your ailments? Then seek advice from the pharmacy. In the pharmacy you will find out:

  • How do you take the medicinal plant?
  • What amount can you take?
  • What side effects can the medicinal plant have?

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