Do not cuddle the cat with Covid-19

Kissing prohibited! And yes, don't share a bed! These precautionary measures should be followed by cat owners when they are in corona quarantine. Because the virus can also spread to the beloved animal

Cat owners who are at home under corona quarantine should better not cuddle their house tiger. This is the advice of Prof. Uwe Truyen from the Institute for Animal Hygiene and Public Veterinary Services at the University of Leipzig.

The veterinarian points out that domestic cats can also be infected with Covid-19 in humans if they have close contact with an infected person. Experimental studies have shown that domestic cats can transmit the virus to other cats as well. The reverse route, i.e. transmission from cats to humans, has not yet been proven.

There is a risk of diarrhea, vomiting and shallow breathing

A corona infection manifests itself in cats similar to humans. Some infected cats showed no symptoms at all, while others experienced loss of appetite, diarrhea, vomiting, coughing, or shallow breathing. The good news, according to Truyen, is that cats develop a robust neutralizing antibody response that prevents them from becoming infected a second time.

If you are infected with Covid-19 or if you suspect an infection, you should avoid close contact with cats. In addition, hygiene measures are to be observed. This includes wearing a medical mask when in contact with the animal. Wash your hands thoroughly - for at least 20 seconds - before and after touching the cat, food or toys.

Cats should not be allowed outside

"Infected pet owners should also not kiss their cats, share towels with them or take them to bed with them," warns Truyen. Affected cats should stay indoors and not be allowed outside to avoid infecting other cats.