Inflammation of the appendix

This text provides information in simple language on the topic: appendicitis.

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What is appendicitis?

If the appendix is ​​inflamed, the appendix is ​​inflamed. The appendix is ​​a part of the appendix. It is about 10 cm long and is located in the lower abdomen. The appendix is ​​connected to the large intestine by an opening. The appendix can become inflamed. Then one speaks of an appendicitis. The doctor says: appendicitis.

Caution: An appendix inflammation can be very dangerous. Therefore, if you suspect an appendicitis, you should see a doctor or hospital immediately.

What causes appendicitis?

Inflammation of the appendix can have various causes. The most common causes are:

  • Feces. Feces are hard lumps of stool.
  • a kinked appendix. The reason for a kinked appendix is, for example, an incorrect position in the abdomen.

Intestinal infections or worms can also cause appendicitis.

How can you recognize appendicitis?

The signs of appendicitis are different and different for each person. The signs depend on the age and gender of the person concerned. Severe abdominal pain is typical of appendicitis: Affected people often have pain around the belly button. The stomach area is also often painful. A few hours later, the pain moves to the right lower abdomen. Often these signs are added:

  • fever
  • nausea
  • Vomit
  • Loss of appetite
  • the feeling of a tense abdominal wall

In addition, bowel movements can be restricted. This means: the affected person hardly has any bowel movements.

Note: Inflammation of the appendix is ​​often difficult to detect. The signs can be different or absent. Small children, the elderly and pregnant women in particular often have different signs: for example, they do not have a fever and the pain is different.

Info: The signs do not always point to an appendicitis. Sometimes other illnesses are causing the pain. In women, for example, it can be period pain. Therefore go to the doctor or to the hospital. The doctor will examine you and help you.

What can you do about appendicitis?

You have severe abdominal pain and think: maybe I have an appendicitis? Then go to the doctor or hospital straight away.

Often the person affected is operated on for appendicitis. During the operation, the doctor removes the appendix. This surgery is usually not very dangerous. It is one of the most common abdominal surgeries.

Sometimes the appendix inflammation is not that severe. Then the inflammation goes away on its own. The doctor will prescribe an antibiotic. An antibiotic is a drug. Note: The patient will be monitored in the hospital. Is the disease getting worse? Then an operation is usually carried out immediately.

Caution: An appendix inflammation is not treated immediately? Then the inflammation can get worse: for example, the appendix can burst. Then the contents of the intestines and bacteria enter the abdominal cavity. That is very dangerous. It is therefore essential to go to a doctor or hospital.

Where can you get more information?

You think: maybe I have an inflammation of the appendix? Or do you have severe stomach aches? Then go to the doctor or hospital straight away.

Would you like to read more about appendicitis? More information about appendicitis can be found here. Attention: This link leads out of our simple language offer. The information is then no longer in plain language.

Attention: This text only contains general information. The text does not replace a visit to the doctor. Only a doctor can give you accurate information. Are you feeling sick? Or do you have questions about an illness? Then you should always see a doctor.

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