High blood pressure: what am I allowed to do and what not?

If you have high blood pressure, you ask yourself many questions: Is coffee allowed? Do I have to do without the sauna? What about exercise? Our experts provide the answers

If your doctor determines that you have high blood pressure, you will likely have numerous questions on your mind. The medic must have pointed out all sorts of things to you. Nevertheless, new uncertainties constantly arise: Can I drink my beloved latte macchiato? What did the doctor say again about salt? We have picked up a few points for you:

Can i drink coffee or tea?

Usually: yes. Coffee and tea can cause blood pressure to rise for a short time. But if you regularly drink a cup, the increase is lower and usually does not cause any problems. Experts then consider four to five cups a day to be acceptable. However, Dr.Heribert Brück, cardiologist from Erkelenz and press spokesman for the Federal Association of Resident Cardiologists, said: "If you rarely drink coffee, your blood pressure can skyrocket by up to 20 mmHg." How much of the aromatic drink can be consumed therefore varies greatly from person to person. Professor Hans-Georg Predel, sports medicine specialist and high blood pressure expert from Hamburg, advises: "Measure your blood pressure after you've had coffee, then you will get a feel for how you react to it." To be on the safe side, speak to the doctor if you are unsure.