Federal state meeting: Merkel must take action

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When the going gets tough, the Chancellor intervenes. In view of the increasing number of infections with the corona virus in Germany, it's time again. The dispute over how to deal with the pandemic has returned between the prime ministers. Tomorrow Angela Merkel will meet the country heads virtually. And there a common line has to be found. The upcoming cold season and the increasing number of infections require a well thought-out plan in order to continue to cope well with the pandemic.

The country heads have been doing their own thing since the beginning of May. In principle, it has been shown in the past few months that with certain measures it is not wrong for federal states to take different paths to keep Corona under control. That is actually one of the great strengths of our federal system. The south and west were more affected by the corona virus from the start. This has to do with the higher population density, among other things. Bavaria, for example, is cracking down on this. The East is in a much better position - if you look at the Corona case numbers. And so, for example, in Saxony-Anhalt, when Bavaria was still locked down, up to five people from different households could meet again - without the infection rate increasing.

Each federal state has its own regulations, for example with regard to the size of private celebrations or events. Depending on the occurrence of the infection, contact restrictions are even adjusted at regional level. It's easy to lose track of things, but why limit more than is necessary? This is how the heads of the eastern German states argue in unison. Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder sees it differently. He advocates uniform regulations in Germany. He speaks out clearly against further easing.

Tomorrow's heads of government will certainly not be harmonious. The Chancellor has to mediate between the country leaders. Your goal must be to bring about a certain degree of unity among the federal states in the fight against the coronavirus on the basic measures. For example, with regard to the mask requirement, distance and hygiene rules, quarantine, testing - for example for people returning from vacation. Violations should be punished everywhere in the country and the fines should be uniform.

Surely it cannot be that in Bavaria without mouth and nose protection you will soon have to pay a fine of 250 euros on the bus and, in the case of repeated infringement, even 500 euros. In Saxony-Anhalt, however, you are only warned, you don't have to pay a fine. This leads to annoyance among the citizens of Bavaria and possibly to corona fatigue among the people in Saxony-Anhalt. Mouth and nose protection should be over the mouth and nose and not under the chin.

Merkel's tone seems to be getting sharper. Everything must be done to "keep the infection process in check". That is why "the reins must be tightened" and rules "consistently enforced," said the Chancellor in the run-up to the deliberations between the Chancellery and the Prime Minister. Tomorrow will be an important day in the fight against Corona.