Federal and state governments: Lockdown until mid-February

For the 16th time, the federal and state governments have discussed further measures against the pandemic. Which rules were decided

The federal and state governments are again appealing to citizens: "The next few weeks in the pandemic will be crucial," they write in their latest decision. If the mutation of the corona virus turns out to be much more contagious, then a "further significant worsening" of the situation is likely. The measures previously agreed between the federal government and the federal states will initially be extended until February 14, the federal and federal states adjusted in detail according to


Furthermore, meetings outside of your own household are only allowed with one other person. It is advised to keep the number of households involved as constant and small as possible.


Better protective masks should be mandatory in public transport and in shops. These can be surgical masks, FFP2 masks or KN95 masks, which have a comparable standard. Everyday masks made of fabric are then no longer sufficient.


Daycare centers and schools will remain closed until February 14th or the presence requirement will be suspended.


Staff must wear an FFP2 mask when they come into contact with residents. Bundeswehr soldiers and volunteers are to step in so that visitors and staff can do quick tests several times a week. There should also be enough tests in facilities for people with disabilities.

Worship services:

Services are allowed if the minimum distance of 1.5 meters is maintained. A mask with a higher protection standard is compulsory, singing is prohibited. Meetings with more than ten participants must generally be reported to the public order office at least two working days in advance.


Wherever possible, employers must allow people to work from home. The Federal Ministry of Labor is to issue a corresponding ordinance for a limited period by March 15.


Anyone who buys “certain digital assets” should be able to fully deduct them from tax in the year of purchase - retrospectively from January 1st. It is about "computer hardware and software for data entry and processing".


In countries and counties where a particularly high number of people are infected in relation to the number of inhabitants, tougher measures should take effect if necessary. There, too, there should be a realistic chance of reaching the goal of 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days (7-day incidence) by mid-February.


All residents of nursing homes who wish to do so should be vaccinated by mid-February at the latest. According to the decision, almost half have already been vaccinated. The federal government wants to try to give the federal states reliable vaccine delivery times for the next six weeks.


According to a regulation that has been in force since Tuesday, the circulating variants of the coronavirus are to be examined more closely for the exact virus type (sequencing). The federal government should present the first results by the beginning of February. The background is fears about the spread of new virus variants, such as in Great Britain or Ireland, which could be significantly more contagious.


During the semester break from mid-February to mid-April, students are to be recruited and trained to follow up on contacts in health authorities. The aim is to ensure contact follow-up at least up to an incidence of 50.


Access to government support for companies and self-employed people is to be made easier, and aid is to be expanded. The obligation to file for bankruptcy will be suspended until the end of April for companies that are entitled to auxiliary payments and have submitted a promising application in good time.


The federal and state governments want to develop a concept for a “safe and fair opening strategy” by mid-February.


The retail trade remains closed. Exceptions apply to shops that cover daily needs. Hairdressers, massage practices and cosmetic studios are also closed. The consumption of alcohol in public places remains forbidden.