Corona vaccination: digital vaccination record in the pharmacy

In addition to doctors, pharmacists should enter corona vaccinations in the planned digital vaccination records in the future. If necessary, they also want to have corona vaccinations

"The digital vaccination certificate must be easily accessible for everyone," said Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) the editorial network Germany on Thursday. Therefore, in addition to practices and vaccination centers, pharmacies should also be able to issue it for people who have already been vaccinated. "With changes to the Infection Protection Act, we want to set the course for this now, so that as many as possible use the digital vaccination pass in the summer," said Spahn.

Digital vaccination certificate as a supplement to the yellow booklet

The pharmacists welcomed this change: "The pharmacies are happy to help millions of people to exercise their basic rights and freedoms again as soon as possible," said Gabriele Regina Overwiening, President of the Federal Association of German Pharmacists' Associations ABDA. Legal, technical and economic details still have to be clarified.

The planned digital vaccination certificate for smartphones is to be introduced in the EU as a voluntary and supplementary offer to the yellow booklet, which is still valid. Only authorized persons are allowed to display it in vaccination centers, practices, hospitals and now also in pharmacies. Millions of citizens should also be able to digitally record any vaccinations they have already received. According to the ministry, the digital vaccination certificate is expected to start by the end of June 2021.

Corona vaccination: Pharmacies want to support

As ABDA President Overwiening announced, the pharmacies not only want to help with this - but also with the vaccination itself if necessary: ​​namely when the capacities of doctors' practices and vaccination centers are no longer sufficient to vaccinate the growing number of available vaccine doses as quickly as possible . According to ABDA, pharmacies in Germany are already closely involved in vaccination logistics. This includes, for example, educating people about vaccinations.

Coronavirus vaccination