Corona video podcast: we asked!

In our video podcast “Nachgefragt!” We talk to people who tell us about the daily challenges in this special time

Asked about "Asked!":

What kind of format is that?

Asked! is a video podcast that has been published every weekday since March 24, 2020 and has already celebrated its 100th episode. The consequences are played out on, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. We have already had over half a million views.

Who is being asked?

When asked, we speak to experts from medicine, business and science, but also to people who are particularly affected by the corona pandemic.

What topics does the video podcast cover?

Asked about all aspects of the corona pandemic. We pursue an interdisciplinary approach. That is why a broad spectrum of people in the most varied of positions have their say, from sociologists to laboratory physicians, from dermatologists to family carers.


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