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Reserve medication with your mobile phone, find emergency pharmacies, check interactions: the "On-site pharmacy" app brings your pharmacy's service to your mobile phone - free of charge

The app also accompanies you on the go

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Reserve medication via the "On-site pharmacy" app

If you need the right medication, notify your local pharmacy via the app: Take a photo of the old pack or enter the name of the preparation. Is it a prescription drug? Then you scan the doctor's prescription with your mobile phone and send the picture to the pharmacy. Your pharmacist will then reserve the medicine for you without obligation. On your next visit, just ask whether your pharmacy offers the app service.

Features of the app at a glance

  • Non-binding reservation of medication with the app
  • Package insert information
  • Medicines list
  • Interaction check
  • Emergency pharmacy search

Information on the interactions of 45,000 drugs

The app contains easy-to-understand information on around 45,000 drugs. You can also create your personal medication list on your mobile phone - so you always have an overview. Are my drugs compatible at all or is there a risk of interactions? The "On-site pharmacy" app will also help you with this question with the interaction check. It is best to discuss any questions about the result with your pharmacist, who will consult your doctor if necessary.

Emergency pharmacy search and much more

Sunday night, headache, vomiting, diarrhea and a poorly stocked medicine cabinet? The app tells you the nearest emergency pharmacy, including directions to get there.

Would you like to find out more about homeopathy or borrow baby scales, but you are not sure whether your local pharmacy is the right contact for these services? Just take a look at the program.

In addition, you will be regularly supplied with new articles on the subject of health, medicine, sport and nutrition from your "local pharmacy".

The free "Pharmacy on site" app is available here

Give the app a try! You can get them free of charge from the App Store and Google Play. When starting the application, first enter your local pharmacy. Once you have found the pharmacy you are looking for that offers this customer service, you have a direct line to it.

With the help of a QR code ("Quick Response Code") you can also quickly and easily call up information on online pages that are published in the Apotheken Umschau. All you have to do is scan the QR code with a suitable app with the camera in your mobile phone and you will see the corresponding page on your mobile phone.

The app also accompanies you on the go

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The "local pharmacy" app is your reliable companion for health issues. The app is free and always works, the only requirement is an Internet connection. As a user of the app, you have several options here:

Five tips for using the app via WiFi and cellular networks

1. Mobile Internet

This is the name given to the Internet connection that you can access via your mobile network provider. You can usually use the app via the mobile Internet when you are out and about - whether shopping, at the doctor's or on your way to work.

2. WiFi network

Alternatively, you can also use the app via a WiFi network. An example: At home, you will usually access the Internet with your smartphone via your own WiFi network.

3. Internet in hotels or restaurants

Hotels, many cafés and restaurants also offer WLAN hotspots, which you can use to use the local network there. To use this service, it is best to ask one of the employees for the WLAN access data. You can enter this in the settings of your smartphone and start surfing.

4. Warnings

When you dial into a new WiFi network - for example in a hotel - a warning may appear on your smartphone. This has nothing to do with the "On-site pharmacy" app, but is related to the WiFi network that you are connected to. If in doubt, please contact the local staff.

5. Regular app updates

We regularly make updated versions of our app available in the App Store and on Google Play. In order to be able to use all functions and product innovations, we recommend installing the latest version. The app is available to all users free of charge. You can tell whether a new version is available from the symbols on your smartphone display.


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