FAQ on travel warnings and risk areas

Travel warnings have been lifted for some vacation countries, others are still considered risk areas. What that means for a possible return trip, travel insurance and a possible quarantine on return

Many vacations were canceled this year, nobody knows what the situation will look like in the next few months or in the coming year. Some of the travel warnings issued by the Foreign Office due to the corona pandemic have been lifted again, but other countries are now on the list. Nonetheless, many travel enthusiasts remain unsure: should you book a vacation now - and where is the best place? An overview of important questions and answers.

Is it possible to travel to countries with a travel warning?

On June 15, the AA lifted travel warnings for most European countries. However, the warnings have been extended for more than 160 countries worldwide. The following applies to these countries: A travel warning is a recommendation from the German Foreign Office - but it is "not a travel ban", as Julia Rehberg from the Hamburg Consumer Center clarifies. "If I still want to travel to the country, I can do that."