FFP2 free masks for 27 million citizens

A tight-fitting FFP2 mask provides good protection against corona. It filters particles out of the air. But one costs around 6 euros. In a great effort, millions of people should receive protection for free

In the fight against the further spread of the corona virus, the federal government wants to equip more than 27 million German citizens with well-protecting mouth and nose masks. People aged 60 and over or with previous illnesses should each receive 15 FFP2 masks from mid-December. The issue will start in December in order to reduce the risk of infection during the Christmas season, said Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) in Berlin on Wednesday.

Free masks from the pharmacy

In a first step, people over 60 and people with previous illnesses or high-risk pregnancies should be able to get three free masks from the pharmacy. For this purpose, it should be sufficient to present an identity card or to provide information about belonging to a risk group. According to Spahn's Ministry, this regulation should apply to the festival weeks and be valid until December 31st. The regulation from Spahn's department on masks is to come into force on December 15.

These people should receive twelve such masks from the New Year onwards. For this they should get two forgery-proof coupons for six masks each from their health insurance companies. They should be able to redeem these in pharmacies in the two periods mentioned in the new year. Those affected should pay an own contribution of two euros for each redeemed coupon. The federal government is paying 2.5 billion euros for the measure. A mask costs 6 euros.

Elderly and chronically ill people have a right to this

People living in Germany who have reached the age of 60 or have one of the following diseases or risk factors should be entitled to: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or bronchial asthma; chronic heart or kidney failure; Cerebrovascular disease, particularly stroke; Type 2 diabetes mellitus; active, progressive, or metastatic cancers; a therapy that can impair the immune system, an organ or stem cell transplant, or a high-risk pregnancy. The health insurance companies check your data and then send the coupons.

FFP2 masks are particularly effective at filtering particles from inhaled or exhaled air. When testing, they must have filtered out at least 94 percent of test aerosols.

Spahn nevertheless warned to be careful: “Even FFP2 masks do not offer 100 percent protection against the corona virus. But they reduce the risk of infection considerably. ”Now that more and more of these masks are being manufactured in Germany, the need can now be met primarily from domestic production.

Mouth and nose protection - tips for use: