Fitness studio and Corona: what should you watch out for?

Fitness studios are finally allowed to reopen after the lockdown. But how safe is indoor sport in a confined space? What athletes need to know about mouth and nose protection, distance rules and training on equipment

The fitness studios have reopened in all federal states. For some it is a ray of hope to be able to train again, others worry about the safety of indoor sports in times of Corona. One thing is certain: the training will be different than before due to the hygiene measures required. The most important questions and answers.

How high is the risk of infection in the gym?

"If the hygiene rules are followed, the risk of infection with the currently low number of new infections is minimal," says sports biologist Professor Henning Wackerhage from the Technical University of Munich. Virologist Professor Andreas Dotzauer from the University of Bremen sees it similarly: "It depends on the constellation of the space, the activities and the discipline of the people: If all the rules are strictly adhered to, nothing speaks against a visit to the fitness studio."

But he also has to consider: "Basically, the risk is higher indoors than outdoors. If the minimum distance of 1.5 meters cannot be guaranteed or if you have to breathe heavily due to high physical strain, the risk of infection increases."