Fighting fruit flies: this is how it works

Fruit flies are not dangerous, but many still find them disgusting. What helps against it

The tiny fruit flies like to perch on rotten fruit

© Imago Stock & People / Blickwinkel

Yuck! Yesterday only a tiny fly floated through the kitchen, today a whole swarm of mini-flies is already sitting in the fruit bowl. Many people are disgusted with fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster) and dispose of the fruit on which the insects like to settle.

But it doesn't have to be: "The insects are not dangerous," warned Heidrun Schubert, expert advisor for food and nutrition at the Bavarian Consumer Center. According to the expert, the mini-insects, which are also called fruit flies, fruit flies, fermented flies, cider flies or vinegar flies, are harmless to health. Even if you have already sat on the fruit, enjoyment is usually not a problem if the fruit is washed thoroughly before consumption. Unlike many other types of flies, fruit flies usually do not transmit disease. Probably each of us has eaten a larva in types of fruit such as cherries without even realizing it.