Eating healthily in the home office: tips

The refrigerator so close - and there is hardly any reason to move: Working in the home office can thwart your plans when it comes to healthy eating. What help then?

Sweets, cookies and gingerbread everywhere: In Advent and the Christmas season, healthy eating in the home office is often twice as difficult.

If you follow a few basic rules, you can still eat healthily and consciously and remain productive at work, explains the Institute for Company Health Consulting (IFBG).

A conscious start to the start: a first hunger check helps in the morning. Instead of eating the same breakfast over and over under remote control, employees should adjust their first meal of the day to suit their hunger. And even if you work from your desk at home, you should consciously take time for breakfast and not spoon the muesli in front of the computer while working.

Choosing the right snacks: You don't have to resist small snacks. According to the IFGB, however, it is important to snack consciously: walnuts, cashew nuts and almonds, for example, promote performance. Figs, cocktail tomatoes and carrots are also good snacks.

Defuse sugar bombs: Fruit yoghurts or fruit smoothies can contain lots of sugar. That's why it's best to mix in natural yoghurt or add vegetables to the smoothie. It is also best to bake the cookies yourself or with your family - so you have control over how much sugar goes into the baked goods.

Drink enough: If you like to forget to drink at work, you can place a carafe with 1.5 liters of water or unsweetened tea on your desk where you can see it. If that is not enough, you can have an app or the computer remind you to drink regularly. Another trick: According to the IFBG, glasses with a wide diameter can unconsciously lead to drinking more. Food like tomatoes or cucumber also contain a lot of water and vitamins.

The IFBG offers further health tips for everyday work in a virtual advent calendar on its website.