Healthy feet - strong appearance

Take care of your feet, after all, they play a vital role

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Feet: Pretty snappy soles

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They show full commitment all day long, often enough have to struggle with too tight or high shoes and can barely get out of the air. Honestly, feet don't deserve that. Take care of them. Because woe, if they fail and get sick. Then nothing works anymore.

For example, poorly fitting or wrong footwear can lead to the development of calluses and corns, or toenails grow in and cause nasty pain. Some people suffer from sweaty feet.

It can get worse: Bad posture and overloading can deform bones from the tarsus to the toes over the years: Hammer toes or hallux valgus (a crooked position of the big toe) develop, for example. And finally, even the smallest pressure points under the sole of the foot, for example caused by a stone in the shoe, can be dangerous for a large group of people: for diabetics.

Here you will get tips on how you can keep your feet in shape with foot gymnastics and proper care, what you can do against athlete's foot, for example, and what the treatment for heel spurs or hallux valgus looks like. The feet need special attention in case of circulatory disorders and diabetes.

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