Green light for Johnson vaccine

Many vaccination campaigns in Europe are slow. Now reinforcements can come. The Johnson vaccine is handy, effective and best of all, only one dose of vaccine is needed

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) paves the way for the fourth corona vaccine in the EU. The authority based in Amsterdam has recommended the approval of the vaccine from the US manufacturer Johnson & Johnson.

One spade is enough

The EU Commission has already ordered vaccination doses for 200 million people. Germany would receive 36.7 million of this. However, there are fears that the company will not be able to deliver on time. The manufacturer assured that he would adhere to the agreements and deliver from April. The vaccine was developed in the Netherlands by the Johnson subsidiary Janssen.

It has major advantages over the previously approved preparations from Pfizer / Biontech, Moderna and Astrazeneca. The most important: it only needs to be injected once. The preparation does not have to be stored frozen. The refrigerator temperature is sufficient. Therefore, from the point of view of the development organization One, it is also very suitable for poorer countries.

Vaccine should also work with virus variants

"The new vaccine from Johnson & Johnson can become a real miracle weapon against the pandemic," said the deputy director of Germany, Karoline Lerche Editorial network Germany (RND / Thursday). The manufacturer must do everything to ensure that the whole world has access.

According to the manufacturer, the effectiveness is around 66 percent. But in the case of a severe Covid 19 disease, the protection in the studies was more than 85 percent - and that also applies to the elderly. The vaccine, which was approved in the USA around two weeks ago, is also said to be effective against virus variants.

Side effects are still being examined

The EMA experts had already been evaluating the research and test data for weeks using what is known as the rolling review process. Research results are checked before all studies have been completed and an application for admission has been submitted. The process is significantly faster, but according to the EMA, it is just as thorough. The EU authority affirmed that there would be no compromises in terms of safety standards.

The EMA first decides on conditional market approval. This means that the manufacturer is obliged to transmit data about the long-term effects even afterwards. These as well as information on possible side effects will continue to be checked. According to the manufacturer, the side effects reported by some test subjects were mild: headache, fever, fatigue, muscle pain and redness at the injection site.

The preparation is a so-called vector vaccine. A small part of the genetic code of the coronavirus is added to a harmless cold virus. After the vaccination, the body should then produce antibodies and defense cells. They come into action as soon as an infection with the real coronavirus occurs. The Astrazeneca vaccine is also structured in this way.

Joe Biden orders additional doses of vaccine

US President Biden confirmed that the US will order an additional 100 million doses of vaccine from Johnson & Johnson."If we have a surplus, we will share it with the rest of the world," he promised. The US government initially gave no information about when these additional doses should be delivered.

The US pharmaceutical company Merck has agreed to produce its competitor's vaccine in order to increase its supply. The US government is giving financial support to the deal.

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