Here you can find help in seemingly hopeless situations

Are you thinking about killing yourself? Talk to other people about it. Here you will find - also anonymous - offers of help in supposedly hopeless situations. By phone, chat, e-mail or in a personal conversation

When your thoughts are in circles and you are thinking of killing yourself, try talking about it to other people. These can be friends or relatives, but they don't have to be. It can be difficult for you to discuss this very subject with people who are close to you.

There are a variety of help offers where you can talk to other people about your thoughts - also anonymously. This can be done by phone, chat, email or in person. We will introduce you to the most important ones.

Telephone counseling

The telephone counseling is anonymous, free and available around the clock. The phone numbers are

  • 0800 / 111 0 111
  • 0800 / 111 0 222
  • and 116 123.

The call to the telephone counseling service is not only free of charge, it does not appear on the telephone bill, nor in the itemized statement.

Muslim pastoral telephone

The Muslim pastoral helpline can be reached around the clock on 030/443 509 821.

Help in chat

Help chat is also offered by telephone counseling. In the chat you can write in real time and get answers. The registration takes place on the website of the telephone counseling.

You can also enter the chat room without an appointment, with a little luck an advisor will be available. In any case, it works with a booked appointment.

Help by email

The third offer of telephone counseling is the possibility of email counseling. You can log on to the telephone counseling site and write your messages and read the counselors' replies. In this way, the e-mail traffic does not appear in your normal mailboxes.

Help in a personal conversation

If you would like to speak to someone else about your thoughts in person, it doesn't necessarily have to be a doctor or psychologist. You can of course contact psychiatrists, psychiatric clinics or hospitals. However, you can also contact a pastor, a Mourchida or an imam, a rabbi or another trusted person, for example, if you shy away from going to a psychiatric or therapeutic practice.

Doctors, like psychologists, are bound by confidentiality. For pastors, in addition to the secrecy of confession, the pastoral secrecy applies, according to which what is entrusted is considered confidential.

There are a large number of counseling centers for people with suicidal thoughts across Germany. The website of the German Society for Suicide Prevention gives an overview.