Heat tricks

Other things to think about to help you sweat less

Relax in the shade with awning

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Please not too cold

Cool the drink with ice cubes or take an ice cold shower - this may be pleasant at first when it is hot. But the body's reaction is: I have to warm myself up from within. Better to take a lukewarm shower and drink.

Cooling wipes

Water-soaked towels around the shoulders or as a leg wrap cool the body. Hanging the cloths in the apartment, as is often advised, is counterproductive, says meteorologist Andreas Matzarakis. The air cools only slightly, but the humidity increases, which makes the heat even more uncomfortable.

Keep an eye on the heart

Patients taking diuretics should take special care to drink enough when it is hot. If your blood pressure drops sharply or if you feel weak, you should speak to the doctor. If you stop taking the tablets yourself, you risk an increase in heart failure or blood pressure.

Tip for severe heart failure from Professor Dietrich Andresen, Chairman of the German Heart Foundation: "Weigh yourself in the morning and in the evening." A sudden significant gain in weight may indicate water retention. Talk to the doctor about what to do.

Turn off

Lamps and electrical devices such as computers, printers and televisions produce heat. Therefore switch off whenever possible. When buying, rely on energy-saving devices - these usually also generate less heat.

Keep dry

We really don't want a sauna climate with a lot of moisture - but we can easily create it ourselves. Instead of drying the laundry in the living room, for example, it is better to hang it outside, advises Christine Heidmann from the advice portal Energie-Fachberater.

Further tips against heat and its consequences can be found in a downloadable brochure: www.umweltbundesamt.de/publikationen Keyword: Heat