Hula hoop for back pain?

Letting a plastic tire circle around your hips and skilfully defy gravity - that's also good for your back

The colorful plastic tire was a huge marketing success in 1958: In just four months, the manufacturer sold 25 million pieces of its invention. The trend quickly spilled over to Europe. Soon almost every family had such a hula hoop ready. Many children became little masters at it. They managed to turn four or five hoops at a time, or they slung them around their arms, legs and neck.

How it goes

The tire circling requires a lot of rhythm from the center of the body. "That is why it is also an ideal preparation for dancing," says sports scientist Professor Kuno Hottenrott. The risk of injury is extremely low. But if you haven't challenged your pelvis and torso for a long time, you should first start moving them without the tires, and then start warming up with the hula hoop. Hottenrott: "Then start with large trunk movements first."

What it brings

HulaHoop is not only fun, it also makes back pain disappear. Swinging the pelvis can release tension in the trunk and strengthen the muscles in the abdomen and lower back. Rusted hips are oiled, so to speak, and more flexible again. “It's a great exercise for office workers. And the lighter and more comfortable alternative to special abdominal and back exercises, ”says sports historian Dr. Berno Bahro from the University of Potsdam.

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