Flea seeds

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What are psyllium?

Psyllium seeds are the seeds of a plant. The plant is called: Indian plantain. Indian plantain is a medicinal plant. Medicinal plants are special plants. Medicinal plants have healing powers. Medicinal plants can help against various ailments.

The husks of the flea seeds in particular can help with various ailments.

Indian flea seeds

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Psyllium husks come in different shapes. Possible forms are, for example:

  • whole shells
  • powder

You can buy psyllium husks from a health food store or pharmacy, for example. The staff in the pharmacy can also grind all of the psyllium husks for you. Grinding means: crushing.

Psyllium husks are largely made of oil. But they also contain a large amount of mucilage. These mucilages can absorb a lot of water. Therefore, psyllium husks can help with various ailments.

How do flea seeds work?

The body does not process the mucilage in the psyllium husks. It transports the mucilage on. This is how the mucous substances get into the intestines. There the mucilage absorbs a lot of water. They swell up. That means: The flea seed pods are getting bigger. Therefore, the total content in the intestine increases. The affected person then has to go to the toilet more quickly. The mucilage also makes the stool softer and more slippery. Therefore, psyllium husks can help with various diseases. For example, psyllium husks help with:

  • constipation
  • Anal fissures
  • hemorrhoids
  • Intestinal diseases

These disorders often cause painful bowel movements. Flea seed bowls make the stool softer and easier to slide. The stool doesn't hurt so much anymore.

What should you watch out for when using psyllium?

Would you like to take psyllium? Then there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • It is best to only use psyllium husks. Don't take the whole seeds. Flea seed husks work better than whole seeds.
  • Make sure you take the psyllium husks with enough liquid. This is the only way for the mucilage to swell properly. This is very important. Did you drink too little fluids? Then the mucous substances can stick to the intestinal wall. It can be very dangerous. For example, an intestinal obstruction can develop.
  • The right amount of psyllium husks can be different for each person. Therefore speak to your pharmacist. The pharmacist can advise you.
  • Flea seed pods usually do not work immediately. The effects often only appear after one to three days.
  • Is this your first time using psyllium husks? Then only take a small amount at the beginning. Too much can lead to gas, bowel noises or a bloated stomach.

There are two ways to ingest the whole flea seed husks:

  • Fill the psyllium husks into a glass of water or juice. Wait a few minutes. The flea seed pods have to swell up. The flea seed pods are swollen? Then stir the liquid well. You can now drink the liquid.
  • Mix the psyllium husks in a glass of water or juice. Drink the liquid straight away.

Would you like to take flea seed husks as a powder? You can also take the powder with water or juice. Read the instruction leaflet for this. The instruction leaflet says exactly: You have to stir the powder with this amount of liquid. Or ask your pharmacist.

What side effects are possible?

Most people do not experience any side effects from psyllium husks.

Caution: You did not drink enough liquid with the psyllium husks? Then side effects are possible. If there is not enough liquid, the mucilage does not swell properly. The mucous substances can then stick to the intestinal wall. This can lead to an intestinal obstruction.

Which interactions are possible?

Taking several active ingredients at the same time can have undesirable consequences. One also says: interactions. Do you take other medications besides psyllium husks? Then ask your doctor about possible interactions. Interactions can be dangerous.

For example, psyllium husks can hinder the absorption of other medications. Have you ingested psyllium husks? Then do not take any other medication for at least an hour.

Who shouldn't use psyllium?

Some people are not allowed to take psyllium. These people include:

  • People with a bowel obstruction
  • People with a narrowed esophagus
  • People with a narrowed stomach
  • People with a narrowed bowel
  • People with inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract
  • People with difficulty swallowing

You are not allowed to drink a lot because of a heart disease? Or are you not allowed to drink a lot because of a kidney disease? Then talk to your doctor first. The doctor decides: are psyllium husks good for you?

Warning: some people are allergic to psyllium. These people then have typical signs of an allergy. Do you have any signs of allergy? Then be sure to talk to your doctor.

Where can you get more information?

Do you want to know more about psyllium? You can find more information about psyllium here. Attention: This link leads out of our simple language offer. The information is then no longer in plain language.

Important: Would you like to take medicinal plants against your ailments? Then seek advice from the pharmacy. In the pharmacy you will find out:

  • How do you take the medicinal plant?
  • What amount can you take?
  • What side effects can the medicinal plant have?

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