Torn muscle fiber and muscle strain

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What is a muscle injury?

Everyone has muscles. Muscles are important for movement. The muscles are connected to the bones. A person can move through the muscles. That is why strong muscles are very important in sports, for example.

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Muscles are made up of fibers. Several fibers together form a muscle bundle. And several muscle bundles together form one muscle. Various muscle injuries can occur in everyday life. There are three types of muscle injuries:

  1. Muscle strain.Muscle strain is the easiest form of muscle injury. A muscle is being stretched too much. This creates a strain.
  2. Torn hamstring. When a muscle fiber ruptures, a muscle fiber ruptures.
  3. Rupture of muscle bundles. The torn muscle bundle is the most severe form of muscle injury. A whole bundle of muscles tears. This can happen in sports accidents, for example.

All three types of muscle injury are painful.

How can you recognize a muscle injury?

Do you suddenly have pain in a muscle? Then you may have a muscle injury. This often happens during sports, for example. The different muscle injuries have different signs:

Muscle strain
With muscle strain, the muscle hurts when it is exerted. The muscle can also feel hard. The pain often decreases as you stretch.

Torn hamstring
If the muscle fiber tears, the muscle suddenly hurts a lot. He can no longer be properly burdened. The muscle feels hard. There may also be a bruise. The affected person can relieve the muscle by relieving them.

Rupture of muscle bundles
When a muscle bundle ruptures, the muscle suddenly hurts a lot. A whole bundle of fibers has torn. Then the torn muscle contracts. Therefore, there may be a bump on the affected area. There may also be a bruise. The torn muscle can no longer be moved.

You think: maybe I have a muscle injury? Then go to the doctor.
The doctor will examine you and give you all the important information.

What are the causes of a muscle injury?

A muscle injury can have several causes:

  • Do you put a lot of strain on your muscles?
  • Not warming up well before exercising?
  • You may have older injuries. But these injuries are not completely healed yet?
  • Do you do sports in the cold and rain?
  • Do you have a sports accident?
  • Do you have inflammation in your body?

Then these things can lead to muscle injury.

Some sports also put a lot of strain on the muscles. These include, for example, football or tennis. Therefore, muscle injuries are more common in these sports.

How Can You Avoid Muscle Injury?

Do you exercise regularly? Then you can pay attention to these things:

  • Always warm up well before exercising.
  • Put on the right shoes.
  • Avoid improper strain on the muscles or overwork. Bandages can support certain parts of the body.
  • Take breaks between workouts.
  • Listen to your body: do you have pain while exercising? Then stop exercising.

What can you do if you have a muscle injury?

You think: maybe I have a muscle injury? Then go to the doctor. The doctor will examine you and give you all the important information. Various treatments can help with a muscle injury, such as:

  • Massages
  • physical therapy
  • medical electricity
  • Medication

You can find out more about muscle injuries in our video.

After an injury, the muscle must be spared. The doctor tells you: This is how long you have to spare the muscle.

Some muscles need to be spared longer than others. The duration also depends on the injury itself:

Muscle strain
The muscle must be spared for a week. After two weeks you can usually start exercising again.

Torn hamstring
It takes anywhere from three weeks to several months to heal. When a muscle fiber tears, scars form in the muscle. Therefore, after healing, injuries can occur in the same muscle more quickly.

Rupture of muscle bundles
Sometimes surgery is even necessary. Then the bruise on the muscle is removed. Sometimes, however, no surgery is necessary. The doctor will tell you: an operation is necessary. Or: an operation is not necessary.

Where can you get more information?

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Attention: This text only contains general information. The text does not replace a visit to the doctor. Only a doctor can give you accurate information. Are you feeling sick? Or do you have questions about an illness? Then you should always see a doctor.

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