Muscles and muscle discomfort

We need muscles to move, speak and breathe. Even the heart is a muscle. Find out more about human muscles, their structure, training, and possible ailments and diseases

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Quite a lot: humans have over 650 muscles

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Nothing works without them. You are involved in every movement. Even breathing or speaking would not be possible without them, because the diaphragm and tongue are muscles too. Just like the heart, which pumps blood through our body with every beat.

Number: How many muscles does a person have?

Humans have more than 650 muscles, but the number is not the same for everyone. Because some muscles have one - and the other not. For example the small lumbar muscle, called Musculus psoas minor in Latin.

What types of muscles are there?

Doctors differentiate between three types of muscle:

  • the skeletal muscles
  • the heart muscles and the
  • smooth musculature.

Skeletal and heart muscles are striated muscles. It is so called because it shows light and dark stripes when viewed under the microscope.

The smooth muscles, on the other hand, have no stripes. The smooth muscles occur, for example, in the digestive tract, the respiratory tract, the blood vessels or the urinary tract. It cannot be controlled arbitrarily, but is controlled by the involuntary working vegetative nervous system and works almost automatically.