Photokeratitis: Eyes can get "sunburn"

The sun already has a lot of power. If you don't protect your eyes, you risk a painful receipt for it

Even now in spring it is better to protect the eyes from too strong sunlight. The professional association of ophthalmologists points this out. If you don't want to wear sunglasses, you can grab a hat or a cap. Both give shade to the eyes.

The UV index is suitable for orientation - if this is 3 or higher, the eyes should be protected. This applies in particular to people who often work outdoors and are therefore increasingly exposed to strong solar radiation.

Information on the UV index is provided by various weather apps, among other things. For example, the German Weather Service (DWD) offers a free overview online. In order to have the exact value of the measuring station displayed in your region, you have to select "Yes" for the Stations item.

Pay attention to UV protection and tint

When choosing sunglasses, the trade association advises paying attention to the "UV 400" label. This means that the UV radiation below the wavelength of 400 nanometers is filtered and does not reach the eye.

In addition, it should be important to ensure that the eyes are also protected from radiation from the side. For glare protection, i.e. the tint of the glasses, category two or three is sufficient in everyday life.

Ophthalmologists warn that those who expose their eyes to moderate to strong sunlight for long periods of time without protection run the risk of acute and long-term chronic damage.