Project 10,000 steps a day

Lively life: Sport prevents many diseases. Even those who walk a lot benefit. Helpful tips on how you can consistently take 10,000 steps every day

Walk on the beach: With motivation you can make everyday life, work or vacation much more active. A dog can help too

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What do I need to tackle the project?

Motivation: stay healthy

In order to do something good for your health, you don't necessarily have to do sweaty exercise. The World Health Organization recommends walking ten thousand steps every day - a total of six to eight kilometers on foot.

Those who bring more movement into everyday life can achieve this target. This even works if someone has not done sports for a long time.

Pedometer: keep track of things

The best way to estimate how much you walk each day is to buy a pedometer. The small devices are available as a bracelet or for the waistband. Activity trackers record not only the number of steps but also your pulse rate and warn you when you have reached your maximum heart rate. Or you can download a pedometer app onto your mobile phone, which you should always have with you.

Shoes: Walk comfortably

It doesn't have to be running shoes. But without good footwear, blisters and painful pressure points can force you to stop. Therefore, shoes should be comfortable and pleasant to wear.

We also recommend an anatomical footbed that supports the foot, stimulates blood circulation and activates the muscles. Get advice from a specialist shop.

How do I get more steps?

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Commute to work: get off earlier

It would be ideal if you could walk or cycle to work. Those who rely on public transport can get off one stop earlier and walk the rest of the way.

The car can also simply be parked a little further away. Also, ignore escalators and elevators and take the stairs.

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Working hours: keep moving

Make calls while standing. If you are using a cordless phone or a headset, you can also walk back and forth. It's worth it: On average, we talk about half an hour a day.

Do not place the printer right next to your computer, but far enough away that you have to get up to print. A walking meeting may be possible from time to time. Most people are more productive with exercise and fresh air.

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Lunch break: take a brisk lap

Desk workers should definitely take a walk after lunch. This loosens the tense shoulder and neck muscles and promotes concentration in the afternoon.

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Leisure time: walking the dog

Or how about a four-legged friend? Dog owners usually have no problem reaching ten thousand steps.

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Household: Have a positive view of cleaning

Vacuuming, mopping the floor - for many people unpopular duties. However, you are taking a lot of steps and doing something good for your health. Be happy when you have a garden: gardening pays even more into your steps account.


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