Travel: Enjoy your vacation healthily

Regardless of where the journey is going: Good preparation makes the holiday more relaxed. In particular, vaccination protection and a first-aid kit should be complete. What it all comes down to

Whether on Büsum or in the mountains, whether in Brazil, on the Ballermann or in the Bavarian Forest - no matter where you go on vacation, the same applies to every holiday destination: the better prepared you are, the less stressful you can be on the best weeks enjoy in the year. If you think about vaccinations and the first-aid kit in good time, you avoid stress before departure and reduce the risk of falling ill while on holiday.

Good planning for a relaxing vacation

You should clarify some important questions before you travel: Which vaccinations are required in my holiday region? Do I need international health insurance? In which areas am I not allowed to drink tap water? What is the fastest way to recover from jet lag after arriving? Which medications have to be in the first-aid kit? The latter is particularly important for people with chronic diseases such as diabetes. Inquire about the best way to transport, cool and protect the medication from direct sunlight.

The sun in particular is one of the greatest sources of danger - especially for our skin. You should therefore protect yourself well against UV radiation. In addition, there are other vacation risks in some regions, for example infectious diseases such as hepatitis A, B or C. Here it is advisable to get vaccinations if necessary. You can find an overview of vaccinations in this article.

In the current situation of the corona pandemic, there is a lot more to consider. Our video shows you the most important rules of how you can travel safely even during this time.