RKI: Step-by-step plan for easing

Although the number of new corona infections is rising again, there is talk above all about easing the measures and the conditions for them. Which steps the RKI strategy paper "ControlCovid" recommends

Original table from the "ControlCovid" strategy paper of the Robert Koch Institute

The Robert Koch Institute has presented its own strategy paper with stages for various measures in the corona pandemic: It makes suggestions for scenarios for cautious easing or tightening.

The paper with the title "ControlCovid" was published on the RKI website. Among other things, the paper speaks of the “need for a clear objective and a transparent perspective for the next few months”. The RKI writes that the paper should be understood as "assistance".

Several key figures should be considered

The authors cite the goal of minimizing the number of serious illnesses, long-term consequences and deaths and avoiding overloading the health system. It is recommended to consider various key figures such as the seven-day incidence (number of cases per 100,000 inhabitants within a week) at the district level and only decide to relax "if a predominant proportion of the districts have indicators with values ​​that allow this" . Loosening should therefore be carried out carefully and slowly.

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This table shows which activities and areas of life the RKI assesses as dangerous with regard to the possibility of contracting the coronavirus.

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In a complex four-stage concept, the RKI shows exemplary measures for different areas of life depending on the corona situation: for a basic level (incidence below 10) as well as for low infection rates (between 10 and 35), medium (between 35 and 50) and high (more than 50). In addition to the seven-day incidence, the RKI also links the levels to the proportion of Covid-19 cases in the capacity of the intensive care units, to the hospital cases in over-60s and the options for tracking contact persons. A look at individual indicators is not sufficient, confirms the RKI.

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This table shows which measures, according to the will of the Robert Koch Institute, should be taken for which key figures.

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An example

At the highest level, old people's and nursing homes should only allow single visits, at the middle level two visitors are allowed, at the lowest level several visitors; compulsory testing would always apply. In an overview, the RKI shows homes as places with a high risk of infection. In day-care centers and primary schools it is stated as moderate, in retail as low. Regarding the subject of daycare center and school closings, it is said that this should be checked “if necessary in the event of unusually high levels of transmission”.

Government spokesman: Information from the RKI is important for advice

Government spokesman Steffen Seibert said on Wednesday in response to a corresponding question that ideas and suggestions from all sides flow into the deliberations of the federal states. The RKI is "of course always" an important source of information. A spokesman for Health Minister Jens Spahn said the strategy paper was a clue for regional easing and could be included in the ongoing debate. Spahn rated the paper as an important clue for the discussion that is now pending.

The federal and state governments want to discuss the further course on March 3, 2021. A working group advises on possible opening steps.