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What are antacids?

Antacids are heartburn medicines.

Info: heartburn

The stomach is an important organ in the upper abdomen. The stomach is connected to the mouth by the esophagus. The food enters the stomach through the esophagus. The food is chopped up and mixed in the stomach. The gastric juice helps with this. The gastric juice is produced by the lining of the stomach. With heartburn, gastric juice enters the esophagus from the stomach. Affected people feel an uncomfortable burning sensation in the esophagus. This burning sensation is called: heartburn.

There are various medications for heartburn. Heartburn medications include antacids.There are antacids with different active ingredients. In addition to antacids, there are other heartburn medications available. These other drugs are called:

  • Proton pump inhibitors
  • H2 blockers

How do antacids work?

Sometimes the stomach produces too much gastric juice. Then the gastric juice can get into the esophagus. In the esophagus, gastric juice causes heartburn. Antacids bind gastric juice. The heartburn subsides.

Note: Antacids only fight heartburn. But antacids do not work against the cause of heartburn.

Most heartburn is harmless. But sometimes heartburn can also have a serious cause. Do you have heartburn frequently? Then go to the doctor. The doctor examines you and can determine: What is the cause of the heartburn?

What should you watch out for when using antacids?

The video shows you: What should you watch out for when using antacids?

Antacids do not work against the cause of heartburn. And antacids can't prevent heartburn. Therefore, only take antacids when needed. Antacids are available as chewable tablets or in small sachets.

  • Would you like to take antacids as a chewable tablet? Then chew the chewable tablets thoroughly.
  • Would you like to take antacids in sachets? Then follow the instruction leaflet. Or ask your pharmacist: How do I take the drug correctly?

Antacids work within 15 to 30 minutes. Antacids work best one to two hours after a meal. Did you take antacids? Then you shouldn't drink acidic drinks. Acidic drinks are for example:

  • Fruit tea
  • orange juice
  • lemonade

What side effects are possible?

Affected people usually tolerate antacids very well. Antacids usually have no side effects.

Which interactions are possible?

Are you taking antacids at the same time as other medicines? Then interactions can arise. Talk to your pharmacist. The pharmacist will give you all the important information.

Do you take antacids? Then you shouldn't take any other medication two to three hours before and after.

Where can you get more information?

Would you like to read more about antacids? You can find more information about antacids here. Attention: This link leads out of our simple language offer. The information is then no longer in plain language.

Attention: This text contains only general information. Would you like to take medication? Then always talk to your doctor or pharmacist beforehand. And read the package insert for your medication. Only then should you take the drug.

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